Co-Create and Update

We are a community of public and participatory scholars, activists, and educators who aim to improve our capacities to live and flourish together, in harmony with future generations and the earth. We invite your insights.

We advance public scholarship as we ensure these pages are primarily open to all and deliberately designed for public consumption. Diverse scholars, activists, and critical members of the media have created videos, magazine articles, photos and cartoons that provide an introduction to a civics of interdependence. Whenever possible, we work to avoid unnecessarily specialized language.

We advance participatory construction of these pages because anyone can propose a page, any time. Already, pages have come from community organizations and research universities, from liberal arts colleges and experiential educators on multiple continents.

We believe one of the more important contributions of these pages is intersecting localized, applied understanding through the place-based insights of organizations and activists – in conversation with broader goals, frameworks, methods, and structural analysis. This is beginning to emerge through the Philly pages. We would love to see similar pages proposed from other areas, or from additional community organizations, activists, and scholars in the Philadelphia region.

If you’d like to propose a page that links to the themes and issues implicated here, please follow this format. If the proposal is accepted, you’ll certainly be credited for your contribution. Thanks for considering it.

Current collaborators and contributors.