The resources on this website are collected, curated, and edited by staff, administrators, and faculty representing a range of institutions and organizations. We share their logos below. The site is maintained and edited through the Community-based Global Learning Collaborative housed in the Haverford College Center for Peace and Global Citizenship.

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These resources are intended as open-access reading and teaching materials, geared toward robust global civic literacy and capacities for informed, ethical action that supports just, inclusive, and sustainable communities.

Anyone is welcome to use these resources, in whole or in part. Please cite as indicated at the bottom of each page.

Many community organizers, faculty, and facilitators are using these modules for particular courses or training programs. The core content is on this website so that it can be maximally open-access, but your particular questions, reflection sessions, and – if applicable – grades will typically occur in your own space, whether that’s through Whatsapp, Google Classroom, Moodle, or something else. Faculty and facilitators may also, of course, supplement or adapt the content available here. Independent individuals are welcome to self-pace through these resources. 

Thanks to the many page co-creators and co-editors:

Bibi Al-Ibrahim, Amizade

Samantha Brandauer, Dickinson College

Julia Carnine, Dickinson College

Jessica Evert, Child Family Health International

Bruno Grazioli, Dickinson College

Eric Hartman, Haverford College

Shannon Hartman, Interactivity Foundation

Stephanie Keene, Haverford College

Richard Kiely, Cornell University

Janice Lion, Haverford College

Lindsey Lyons, Dickinson College

Jennifer Magee, Swarthmore College

Nora Reynolds, The Community-based Global Learning Collaborative

Cynthia Toms, Westmont College

Robin Young, Child Family Health International

Stephanie Zukerman, Haverford College